When You Set Your Alarm…

And it says you have four hours!

Ramblings Anon


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WARNING: This story is pointless; don’t say I didn’t warn you ❤

I know, I’m so irresponsible.

But it’s only a study day, so it’s ok, right?

Why am I even writing?

I need to wake up in four hours!

But writing is addictive, and I want to get my story finished.

Well, I’m afraid it isn’t going to happen.

So, I’m writing a ramble instead.

Some crap with no meaning.

No great inspiration.

No value.

No educational content.

Something that fell out of my fingers in desperation to push submit.

I truly apologise if you have gotten this far.

I don’t have much to say other than I have nothing to say.

I have a million drafts and nothing to publish.

Should I write about my viral post that made no money?

How about finally being curated for the first time?

Do my followers really want to see another post about Medium?

Should I remove the phrase “really” because Grammarly says?

Is Grammarly the Grammar God, the be-all and end-all?


This story (if you can call it that) has to be the shittiest thing I’ve ever written.

Absolute rock-bottom.

Honestly, I’ve written better.

Check these out.

Anyway, I better get some sleep.

Night ya’ll.




Ramblings Anon

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